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We are thrilled to have you on our website. Please read through our Terms and Conditions carefully. Unless otherwise provided, the relationship between DiverLanhoso and its users is totally regulated by these Terms and Conditions that we consider as read and accepted by the user. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, please do not use the website.

DiverLanhoso reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions, publishing the amendment on the website.


DiverLanhoso - Actividades Desportivas Lda.
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4830-602 Póvoa de Lanhoso
T. +351 253 635 763
F. +351 253 635 764


DiverLanhoso looks to maintain the website’s information updated, however, it is not possible to guarantee a complete lack of errors. The information and other materials published in this website may contain imprecisions or typos. Periodical updates to the website are made with no previous warning. DiverLanhoso reserves the right to change the website at any moment and does not guarantee that the features on the website or any other content will be interrupted or free of error, that the errors will be corrected or that the server makes it free of virus or other harmful components.

3.       PRICE

The price is displayed on the website upon order confirmation and will be later confirmed when you receive the order confirmation on your email. All prices are VAT included. If there is a mistake on the prices you will be promptly warned, and you may choose to maintain the order with the updated price or to cancel it. In case of cancelation, we will refund the amount, using the same payment method.

4.       ORDER

You may place an order if you are 18-year-old or more. We reserve the right to cancel your request for any reason.

5.       PAYMENT

We only accept payment in EURO (€), using the various payment methods proposed on the website.


DiverLanhoso reserves the right to refuse a request, totally or partially, in the following situations:

If the product or service are not available or if there is an error of informatic stock - real stock;
If the invoicing details are incorrect or impossible to verify;
If your request is detected by the security systems as unusual or fraud sensitive;
If the proof of payment is not received in a timely manner;
If we have reasons to believe that you are underage;
If there is an error on the quotation;
If we cannot deliver to the indicated address.


The orders are delivered in Continental Portugal and in the Azores and Madeira Islands, on working days, except holidays.


We will look to deliver the order within the delivery time indicated in the order confirmation. The delivery times are guaranteed by DiverLanhoso. For errors on the address, the user is responsible and subject to pay for extra costs. All orders will be sent from DiverLanhoso, if yours is not delivered, please contact us using the form on the website. All orders are sent by CTT Expresso and a signature will be requested upon reception. In case there is no one to receive the order, you will be asked to contact CTT Expresso and set an alternative delivery date.


You must check your order upon receipt. If there are any errors, please contact us immediately. Please note that if there is a problem with the product due to transport, you have 24 hours to send you complaint. DiverLanhoso holds no liability for any damage which occurs during transport. For defective or returned products due to our error, you will also be reimbursed for transportation costs.


To return a product you must contact DiverLanhoso. Only products purchased online can be returned.


The Terms and Conditions of this Sales Contract have no effect on your statutory rights. DiverLanhoso reserves the right to supply the ordered goods that are in accordance with the Sales Contract.


Legal warranty: the consumer holds the right to the legal warranty. It covers non-compliant products upon delivery. DiverLanhoso commits to repair or replace the products (or parts) free of charge, if it’s considered to be a manufacturing defect under warranty. We reserve the right to replace de product if the repair costs are disproportionate or if the repair is not possible.


All brand names, product names and titles used in the website are DiverLanhoso’s registered brands or commercial names. We do not grant permission to use or reproduce these commercial brands or commercial names, for this may constitute a violation of the owner’s rights. The entire project of the website, texts, documents, films and other services for its selection and organization, as well as all materials in this website are protected by the copyrights of DiverLanhoso or its suppliers. The user may only copy or print parts of the website, if that is necessary to place an order or to use the website as a shopping resource. You are not authorized to make any other use of the information and materials in the website, including the reproduction for other situations different form the ones listed above, modification, distribution or republication. May you wish to use the materials and information in this website, you need a previous written consent by DiverLanhoso.


If you post any material, information, suggestions or comments through the website or about the website, please know that DiverLanhoso reserves the right to use that material, information, suggestions or comments according to its judgement, with no compensation to for the author. Nevertheless, the use of information that can be traced (as your name, address, telephone number and other data) and will be ruled by the Privacy Policy.


We consider your privacy to be of extreme importance, so we want to assure that you are aware of the ways you can use your personal data. When placing an order on the website the user agrees to the policy of collection, use and transfer of the personal data, under the terms of the Privacy Policy.

16.   LAW

Any controversy on the legality, interpretation and/or execution of the Terms and Conditions is exclusively regulated by the Portuguese laws and courts. This clause does not affect your statutory rights. The user agrees that, in case of dispute on the use of the website, electronical proof (emails, back-ups, …) may be used as valid evidence.

If any of the Terms and Conditions are declared to be null or non-applicable, all other terms and conditions will remain valid and the part declared to be null and without effect, will remain applicable within the limits established by law.

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Within the scope of these Terms and Conditions, the following terms will be considered with the indicated meaning, unless otherwise expressly mentioned:

Terms and Conditions: these Terms and Conditions and all their additions or updates;
Sent: result of the order process;
User: someone that, by typing the website’s address or through a link uses the platform for information or to place a request;
Website: a collection of pages grouped under the address