Originating from an ancient tradition that meant the passage to adulthood in Oceanian tribes, Bungee Jumping is one of the activities that brings out the most adrenaline feeling in humans, due to the height of the jump and the start position (head diving position). In our park Bungee output platform is at a height of 25 meters.

Harness, helmet, rest of material, and security system with constant monitoring.

HEIGHT: Minimum 1,10m

WEIGHT: Minimum 40 Kg and maximum 90 kg

AGE: Advisable from 14 years old


DURATION: About 15 minutes.

CONDITIONS: At the moment of purchase a liability note must be signed. In the case of being a minor, an Educational Responsible shall sign it.

With this liability note, the person ackowledges that Bungee should be practiced by people with good general health, age over 14 years (parental consent required), with weight within the limits 40kg /90kg, being prohibited to pregnant women, people with disorders such as: epilepsy, heart, high blood pressure, bones, joints and muscles.

FROM - EUR19,40